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ABF's hobbies & other passions.559
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 ABF's hobbies & other passions.

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Triarius/Salvo Operator
Triarius/Salvo Operator

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PostSubject: Re: ABF's hobbies & other passions.   Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:57 pm

Had 1 nylon strung piece of crap acoustic.
Had 2 steel strung acoustics, a nice yamaha black one and a cherry burst electro-acoustic (cant remember the make/was given it).
Had 3 electrics, a blue Yamaha Pacifica.
A black fender Telecastor with a Bigbsy tremelo...those things are awesome dude. And very cool looking.
And my current axe is my PRS copy with a set-neck by Rally which plays and holds its tunings so good.
Rally make some very nice copys, with some really good tuners, nice necks, humbuckers and quality woods.
And im very jealous of your 12 string, played on a couple but never owned one. Love 12 string acoustics and the electrics.
Next guitar i'd like is an epiphone les paul black beauty but theyre like 300 quid.
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Spec Ops
Spec Ops

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PostSubject: Re: ABF's hobbies & other passions.   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:50 pm

Dunk, I think we need a bit of a concert then? VIDEO CONCERT!!! Lol

SNJ, those look cool, but they look so easy to break, and hard to make

Sy, your bronco looks pretty awesome, I don't like trucks, but I like it haha.

And this is where I got lost because I don't know anything about guitars really haha!! "a clapton strat,.. a fernandes acpujstic electric, an Epi 12 string, a fender strat, etc..."
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PostSubject: Re: ABF's hobbies & other passions.   Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:46 pm

syclops wrote:
SuRrEaLNJ wrote:
sy, i love that style of bronco, and yours looks like a sweet example of one

Thanks man! I used to have a 90's explorer sport, but it was too nice to turn into a mudder and you couldnt really mod the engine too much.

The truck has been in the garage for the last year. Ive got some things to replace like the rear main seal and Steering Gear seal and it really could use new brake lines all around. Many upgrades left to do on it...but at 9 miles/gallon...really not a priorty right now.

I tell you what it is SOOOOOOO fun in the winter! Chews through snow like an animal!

i tend to snowshoe with the 35x12.5x15s alot in the winter, with the locked rear i can make the worlds slowest doughnuts though

my 4.0 is pretty much stock with the snorkel and a custom upper intake spacer, not alot of power but the 4.88s make up the difference

rear main shouldnt be to bad to do in that thing, and i just had to do a steering gear seal in mine, was way easier then i thought it would be. mine sits alot too, thats about where im at mpg wise... downhill... with a til wind....

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ABF's hobbies & other passions.

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